Sunday, March 27, 2011

the most delicious lemon yoghurt cake

I have found the most delicious lemon yoghurt cake! Not that I've eaten a lot of lemon yoghurt cake in my time, but still, it's pretty darn good, and the thing I truly love about it is the recipe worked beautifully for me, which doesn't always happen! I think it is a forgiving recipe, not too hung up on whether or not you do things exactly by the book. For example I didn't have a plain vegetable oil, I only had Flax Seed oil, which to me had a strong smell for a cake, so I only used a bit under a third of a cup instead of the recommended half a cup. Still an incredibly moist cake.

Also I could see this cake recipe being quite adaptable - add blueberries for a visual treat and a little extra goodness, make cupcakes to share. I could see a few different toppings working here too. I didn't actually put the finishing icing glaze on it, and it was still delish. So glaze it, and maybe sprinkle sugar over the glaze for a frosted look, try your hand at marshmallow frosting, or even cream cheese frosting might work here too.

Tempted? Of course you are! So run over to Chasing Some Blue Sky (loads of fab recipes!) and get the recipe here! Bake it today!

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