Thursday, March 3, 2011

flirty skirty

I had an urge and decided to run with it this morning. Lately I've been a bit mad about skirts, hunting skirts, dreaming up skirts, and desperately wanting to make a skirt. But I have no patience for patterns most of the time, and very limited sewing skills, so I decided to make a skirt using only what I had to hand. This satiny fabric has been sitting in my sewing box for years, I don't remember what I had originally intended it for.

The machine was already strung with some matching thread, and I had some thin black elastic, so voila! Five lines of sewing later and we have skirt! I won't pretend it is the most flattering item of clothing I have, but I had fun, and got the skirt urge off my back, for a while at least.


  1. Michelle it's gorgeous! Well done on your very pretty skirt ♥

  2. that is gorgeous fabric. Well done!

    I am bestowing on you the Awesome Blog Award!
    You can read about it here -


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