Sunday, September 19, 2010

in the mail recently

I just love getting packages in the mail - it's like Christmas every time! So I thought I'd share just a few of the lovely things I have recently received.

Divine sparkly lemon quartz briolettes! I picked these up from Realisation Gems on Etsy.

Gorgeous fabrics from Saffron Craig! I actually WON these, amazing because I rarely win things, so it was awfully exciting! Now I get to sit and ponder what I should make with them! Any suggestions?

And this absolutely lovely print from Lemon Tree Lane, as a 'thank you' for helping to celebrate the Calico&Co blog's first birthday! I've added 'more frames' to my shopping list, can't wait to see this one framed. Thank you Amanda!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Giveaway time!

You'll have to be quick, but today there is a great giveaway of a $30 voucher for my Etsy shop! Just visit Calico & Co, a gorgeous blog full of lots of inspiration, created by the lovely Amanda Fuller. I'm helping celebrate their first birthday!
 So whether it's something for yourself, or great timing to choose a present for your mother, sister, cousin or friend, scoot over there right now and enter!
image source

Friday, September 3, 2010

one stylin' babe

A friend of mine has just had a baby girl, very exciting! On my way to the shops to do some girly (but not too girly) clothes shopping, I remembered seeing this blog post by Sophie of That Vintage, so I grabbed a mixed bag of coordinates to have a bit of fun with! I unwittingly drew the exact same birdy shape as Sophie, something I only realised putting this post together. As you can see from some of the close-ups, my sewing leaves a little room for improvement, but I had so much fun doing something new. I discovered that interfacing that is sticky both sides, wow - excellent stuff. And how hard it is to zig-zag around bendy lines. But definitely a crafty endeavour I would try again!








mmm coffee...

I don't know why I try to fight it. Is it really that bad? Surely just one latte a day won't hurt.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

spring it on!

It's Wednesday! And the first day of Spring, down here in the southern hemisphere anyway. Browsing my favourites for something lovely to share today, these three caught my eye. The soft reddish pink and sky blue colour combination are classic, and perfect for spring. I can see this print being added to my collection, it would be a lovely addition to some of our own beach pool and sea urchin photos. The blue wire magazine rack is just adorable, and would get all my magazines off the dining room table, for a while at least! And as the weather warms up, time for bangles again! Enjoy!

Surf Lounge (4 x 4 print) by pugly pixel

Blue Magazine Rack from Fishbone Deco


Turquoise cuff by the shag bag


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