Saturday, August 21, 2010

south coast

While I am really not well at all and in recovery mode (ie. sofa hibernating) I will quickly share a few shots from our south coast getaway. Not all my work I'm afraid, Dave took them all except for the one I took of him by the fireside. Didn't he get some lovely photos? My first experience of watching pasta being made - so delicious with freshly made pesto. And can I hear a big "awwww!" for the cute fluffy joey?

oyster picker. i think?

king parrot
homemade pasta, drying
by the fireside

Thursday, August 5, 2010

three of a kind - tea towels

One of the things I love about tea towels is the feeling that they are like a sampler, a snapshot of the designers work, or even a functional piece of art. It's lovely to think such a simple object can bring a smile, and even the pleasurable satisfaction of using something beautiful and thoughtfully made. I found these three tea towels browsing MadeIt today, and was inspired to start a regular series of MadeIt finds called "three of a kind". Have you found something gorgeous on MadeIt today?

Linen 'T' Towel (charcoal on white)
by spinspin
Moroccan Star Kitchen Towel - Teal
by Brilliant Trees Collective
Filigree Tea Towel - Chalk on Unbleached Linen
by Flower Press

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

wishlist wednesday - stamp me happy

Although a passionate jewellery devotee, just about any craft has the ability to turn my head. This sweet collection of handmade stamps - all sourced from Etsy - was inspired by my toddler, we are always looking for new fun things to do together and one of his favourite crafty activities is stamping. While browsing I realised that stamps could be really useful for your crafty biz too! For example the "handle with care" or the yarn and knitting needles. Any of these stamps would be great for making your own gift tags or decorating your packages before popping them in the post. Get stamp happy!


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