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My name is Michelle Lorimer, and I am a designer. Sounds like a confession doesn't it? Design is something of an obsession for me, I trained as an Industrial Designer, my course focused on product and furniture design.
For seven years I worked at Bang Design, a fab boutique design firm who design just about everything. From graphics to furniture to interiors, we did it all.
When it came time to start a family my priorities shifted and I changed jobs, working as the in-house graphic designer for a large Environmental Management company, where I am currently on maternity leave.

Not happy unless my hands are busy I indulge myself in lots of crafty activities, mainly creating jewellery that I sell through Etsy and MadeIt, with a little crochet and baking on the side!

I'm discovering I'm passionate about branding! I love helping people coordinate a consistent approach to their branding across all platforms, from logo and business card to banners, avatars, packaging, document styling, exhibition stands and everything in between. Maybe I could help you?

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