Graphic Design

I love helping people with their graphic design needs. I love the variety of work this entails! Whether it's a logo and business card, avatars and banners for any number of online venues like Etsy, Madeit, Facebook or Twitter, through to signage or document templates, I can help you achieve consistently good looking branding across both print and web products.

To learn more check out my other website, ,where I show my work, offer free printables, and soon to come, bits for your blog!

Some of my recent projects include:

Packaging for missIsa

The brief here was that Rachel needed an adaptable packaging design, using her existing logo, that could be quickly altered (by myself) to suit a variety of products, and be easily produced in a home studio office. Rachel had already done a lot of research into what she wanted, establishing cello bags with toppers as the basis for the packaging design.

"I run a small business making paper gifts and stationery from home. One of the biggest stresses I faced was branding my product and packaging plays a huge part in that. I had my logo and after months of research and worry I came up with a simple concept that Michelle made into a reality quickly and professionally. She was brilliant and continues to support me and my brand whenever new designs are needed." ~ Rachel Baker, missIsa

Logo, business card and document elements for Louise Doherty, Heritage Advisory Services

"When I set up my freelance consultancy business I knew I needed both a logo and brand identity. I had a limited budget and, to start with, only needed a business card and electronic logo that I could place on letters and invoices. Michelle was able to provide me with both of these designs. I was then able to seek a printer of my choice and was not tied in to any agreement nor was I given products that I did not need. As my business has grown I have been able to return to Michelle and sought new products as I needed them. I have really enjoyed working with and have every confidence in Michelle's work which I find to be of the highest standard with a quick turn-around." ~ Louise Doherty, Heritage Advisory Services


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