Monday, February 14, 2011

but wait there's more!

Well after my little foray into washi tape and the adorableness of Little Paper Lane, I thought I'd bring to you today some more washi tape goodness with a V-Day theme. See below for some lovely locally made bunting by Paper Klip Design on Etsy. I also found this gorgeous blog - "i love pretty things" - with a fab interview from the owner of Little Paper Lane! So get over there and have a read, plus you'll get a tempting sneak peek of the storefront with it's ever-changing always eye-catching displays. Obssessed? Who me?

Party bunting by Paper Klip Design

Sunday, February 13, 2011

washi tape is lovely

There is the most gorgeous little shop near me called Little Paper Lane. One of those shops you always turn to catch a peep at when driving past (as a passenger of course, ahem!). Well after months of saying "I must go visit, I must go visit", my need for a diary - yes, I know, it's already February - drove me to make the time to visit. And how fabulous, even with the little man in tow. Not only did I get a funky little diary, perfect for scrawls and scribbles, lists and notes, I bought washi tape! Silver washi tape! And some baker's twine in black and white. And this is what I did with it!

The silver washi tape looks lovely with the silver tissue I use for wrapping my jewellery, and I like the simplicity of the twine.

While I was in the shop I spotted lots of familiar works by Australian creatives Pocket Carnival, Benconservato, Little Mo and Red Letter Studio. I think I will be visiting again soon, this time without the kidlet so I can dawdle just a bit longer. Might need to take a packed lunch.


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