Sunday, February 13, 2011

washi tape is lovely

There is the most gorgeous little shop near me called Little Paper Lane. One of those shops you always turn to catch a peep at when driving past (as a passenger of course, ahem!). Well after months of saying "I must go visit, I must go visit", my need for a diary - yes, I know, it's already February - drove me to make the time to visit. And how fabulous, even with the little man in tow. Not only did I get a funky little diary, perfect for scrawls and scribbles, lists and notes, I bought washi tape! Silver washi tape! And some baker's twine in black and white. And this is what I did with it!

The silver washi tape looks lovely with the silver tissue I use for wrapping my jewellery, and I like the simplicity of the twine.

While I was in the shop I spotted lots of familiar works by Australian creatives Pocket Carnival, Benconservato, Little Mo and Red Letter Studio. I think I will be visiting again soon, this time without the kidlet so I can dawdle just a bit longer. Might need to take a packed lunch.

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  1. Oh how fun! I love the tape and the package looks great!


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