Saturday, January 29, 2011

dandelions for the dining room

When I first looked at our new home I was left with the impression there was a window in this wall. I was so surprised there wasn't one when we actually moved in! So instead I had a wall crying out for something big. I would have loved to have put a huge mirror up there, it would have reflected the french doors in the living room and brought in sunlight and trees. But instead I have gone for something I can achieve quickly! Because I am impatient and it had to happen right now! So voila, fabric covered canvas. I took a little time to think about how to do the corners neatly, unlike my first canvas attempt, and thought I may as well document it. Just in case there is a next time. Can you see my dining chairs? Covered in fabulous patterned vinyl? They are on my To Do list. As is the maroony-dusty-dark-mushroom painted floor. Yuck!


Love to hear what you think!


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