Tuesday, November 16, 2010

my dream fixer-upper home

[Image Source]
I have decided the search for rental properties anywhere remotely near where we would like to live, at a price we could remotely afford, to be too downheartening, so today I bring you a piece of pure whimsy. I don't dream that big, honestly. I could show you some beautiful homes, the sort of thing you might contemplate buying if you won an awful lot of money. But this funny green house above is truly the house of our dreams. We love this style, with the exposed timber battons, it's in our favourite suburb, and amazingly it has a lot of space inside, and some really cute original features. It has a lock up garage (well, potentially with a bit of fixing-up). And it is just crying out for some TLC and sensitive renovations. The next best thing would be if someone open-minded about d-i-y tenants bought it and rented it to us for the next ten or so years.


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