Sunday, July 10, 2011

yellow still rocks

And because yellow still rocks we have our party 'theme' sorted. It's just got to be yellow. I've started to get preparations underway, although I think I should have got more done by now! Pretty sure I need way more straws too. A visit to Little Paper Lane helped my Loot Bag ideas crystallize, I picked up those snazzy little brown paper bags with windows and I'm going to make some tags to match the invite and sew them to the bag as I sew the top of the bag shut. I'll have to take a photo and show you that later, hope I'm making sense!

  1. Wooden forks for the fruit salad, from The Party Studio
  2. Biodegradeable gelato cups for the fruit salad, from The Bio Packaging Company on Ebay
  3. Adorable polka dot baking cups (not sure for what yet, chocolate crackles?) from The Party Studio
  4. Yellow stripey straws, from The Party Studio
  5. Mini yellow chevron snack bags for my smartie cookies, from The Party Studio
  6. Loot bags from Little Paper Lane
  7. Scalloped kraft paper baking cups for blueberry and apple oat muffins, from Little Betsy Baker

Sunday, July 3, 2011

the fluffy kookaburra

I captured a few (okay about 50) photos of a kookaburra that had decided to perch awhile on our deck railing yesterday. So fluffy! And big! We wondered whether or not it was okay for a bit there, as it seemed completely unconcerned as I gradually sidled closer and closer, trying to get a better view. In the end it sat there long after I took all my photos, just keeping the occasional eye on the young fella as he showed him various toys that may have been of interest to a kookaburra.

"yeah, close enough lady..."


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