Sunday, July 3, 2011

the fluffy kookaburra

I captured a few (okay about 50) photos of a kookaburra that had decided to perch awhile on our deck railing yesterday. So fluffy! And big! We wondered whether or not it was okay for a bit there, as it seemed completely unconcerned as I gradually sidled closer and closer, trying to get a better view. In the end it sat there long after I took all my photos, just keeping the occasional eye on the young fella as he showed him various toys that may have been of interest to a kookaburra.

"yeah, close enough lady..."


  1. They are gorgeous. We love having them around our yard

  2. hahaha, you remind me of, well, me! I get parrots, galahs, and all sorts in my back yard, and I sidle closer and closer to get the good shots!


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