Thursday, August 5, 2010

three of a kind - tea towels

One of the things I love about tea towels is the feeling that they are like a sampler, a snapshot of the designers work, or even a functional piece of art. It's lovely to think such a simple object can bring a smile, and even the pleasurable satisfaction of using something beautiful and thoughtfully made. I found these three tea towels browsing MadeIt today, and was inspired to start a regular series of MadeIt finds called "three of a kind". Have you found something gorgeous on MadeIt today?

Linen 'T' Towel (charcoal on white)
by spinspin
Moroccan Star Kitchen Towel - Teal
by Brilliant Trees Collective
Filigree Tea Towel - Chalk on Unbleached Linen
by Flower Press


  1. Thanks for including my Moroccan Star Kitchen Towel and thanks for featuring some of the lovely Australian designers on MadeIt.


  2. And thanks for including my 'T' Towel. I love the others - great finds!

  3. on a slightly different tack (but still related), my friend up near Byron has recently curated "The Teatowel Exhibition", at Lismore Art Gallery. Artists were invited to submit an altered teatowel using any medium/s they chose. Haven't seen any pics of it as yet, but it sounded fab!

  4. love the flowerpress tea-towel.
    have been finding lots of great things on madeit lately :)


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