Wednesday, September 1, 2010

spring it on!

It's Wednesday! And the first day of Spring, down here in the southern hemisphere anyway. Browsing my favourites for something lovely to share today, these three caught my eye. The soft reddish pink and sky blue colour combination are classic, and perfect for spring. I can see this print being added to my collection, it would be a lovely addition to some of our own beach pool and sea urchin photos. The blue wire magazine rack is just adorable, and would get all my magazines off the dining room table, for a while at least! And as the weather warms up, time for bangles again! Enjoy!

Surf Lounge (4 x 4 print) by pugly pixel

Blue Magazine Rack from Fishbone Deco


Turquoise cuff by the shag bag

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  1. thanks for adding my print to this set, Michelle! :) red and aqua are a perfect match!!


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