Monday, February 1, 2010

cinnamon pancakes

I love pancakes. Really I do. Every now and then I alter the basic recipe my Grandma gave me (see below), adding banana or blueberries, grated apple and oats, but I always come back to just a hint of cinnamon. We like to make little ones and soak them in real maple syrup, and then dunk them in greek yoghurt. Oh boy!

And now to make the process even more entertaining, I have this totally adorable measuring cup set in the form of nested babushka dolls. I love them! I don't lose measuring cups anymore, because they sit on the bench looking cute all the time. There is a 3/4 cup measure in the set. You don't need to measure a quarter cup three times anymore! These babies make baking even better. If that is possible. Do you have any kitchen gadgets that make you happy?

My Grandma's Pancake Recipe:

1 cup of self raising flour
1 tablespoon of sugar (I prefer brown sugar)
1 egg
add milk to dropping consistency

Recipes from my Grandma tend to be this simple, and vague! I'm always adding different amounts of milk! A runnier mix gives you more of a pikelet, a thicker mix makes the puffier version shown above. It's a great recipe to experiment with. Have fun!


  1. I want pancakes now!! And that measuring's too cute!

  2. gahhhh...they look so fluffy and good!! where's all the maple syrup dripping on the pancakes!!


  3. That measuring cup set is awesome! I have been on the lookout for the perfect set of measuring spoons. Yet to find anything that tickles my fancy though.

  4. oh i saw some awesome spoons on etsy! they are in my favourites - somewhere...

  5. They sound yummy. I have been considering buying those measuring cups for a while but haven't actually done it yet. I love that there is a 3/4 measure.

  6. Those babuska's look so cute! I want some!! And the pancakes look and sound so yummy!


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