Sunday, February 14, 2010

what have i been doing?

These are some of the pieces I worked on in the last few days. Starting at the top left and working clockwise:

a) currently unnamed, cute little dangles using brass findings and vintage glass and metal beads.

b) Nero d'oro - black gold, seemed a fitting name for these sultry looking earrings using a vintage gold plated charm, vermail wavy discs, oxidised sterling and my own handmade hooks. I only had four of these charms, so I've made two pairs of the earrings.

c) Sun comes up - intensely yellow faceted citrine with handmade brass rings (from another etsy member) and brass findings. Very cheerful and simple!

d) currently unnamed swing earrings, another of my swing earrings, I love this style, and decided to use these tiny gorgeous turquoise coloured czech glass cubes this time.

Naming products can be either very easy, or dreadfully difficult! Most names pop into existence as soon as I see the finished piece, or the first time I see a photo of the piece. They can be bits of a song, common turns of phrase, or a word that just seems to sum up the first impression I get. For those few that don't just pop into being, well, it takes time. However I am feeling particularly foggy today, so any suggestions for the two unnamed pairsof earrings would be great! Do you name your creative endeavours? How do you do it?


  1. i love them all! i'm partial to the yellow ones, though! just beautiful!

  2. All gorgeous Michelle - and I hear you on naming items. Some days the name jumps in to your head, others don't come so easy.
    The black tiered beads on the (a) earrings brought to mind Devo and their funny hats!! Not sure there's a name there though :-)

  3. I'll take Nero d'oro thanks very much...gorgeous!

  4. Ooh, lovely! For your turquoise earrings, "Aqua Luna" comes to mind.

  5. Very lovely creations jewels,
    Greeting from Belgium;
    Happy valentine day.


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