Friday, February 26, 2010

don't forget...

What do you forget? Do you write yourself little notes? I love post it notes, I'm forever opening my handbag to find a little flurry of them with all sorts of things written on them. This week I wanted to remember to make a pair of earrings I thought up while I was at work one day. This is my terrible little sketch...

... which resulted in these earrings. As soon as I drew it I knew it was wrong, but that was okay because as long as I had the note I knew what to do. I'm calling them Comet.


  1. Hahahaha I do that then put the post its in a safe place to never find again!!

  2. well most of mine end up soggy because i'm usually carrying around a leaky bottle of water!

  3. I currently have 3 folded post-its in my purse floating around with things to buy, things to make and things to do...

    I think your drawing is a great representation of the actual earring and I love the earrings! They are beautiful.

  4. Gorgeous earrings!!

    I'm a lister from way back ... I love making lists and crossing out things I've done. I'd be lost without them.


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