Friday, January 29, 2010

fungi friday!

I had so much fun hunting down toadstool treats I decided to share this little collection too!

Kathy Panton's work is so vibrant, it caught my eye some time ago. The Little Mushies print would be great for decorating a child's bedroom, I could see it working beautifully in a woodland or fairies theme.

The Mushrooms Fairy Circle by Moontsy and Floontsy is delightful piece of whimsy, working as a stand-alone decoration, or as part of a larger collection of pieces, or used as a display for a treasured figurine. I could see my old Benjamin Bunny sitting in there quite happily!

And the Night-Night Mushrooms by Flying Star Toys would be a most excellent gift for a baby, I could see it being treasured as the sleepy-time must-have. So a brilliant idea to have two, swap them around, always keeping one somewhere safe for naptime emergencies!

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  1. I just love the other mushroom items you've selected Michelle! so cute and beautiful :) Yes, mushrooms are indeed wonderful.

    Thanks so much for including my little ones.

    warmly yours,


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