Sunday, January 10, 2010

Berry'd Treasure Trifle

I keep thinking about these yummy little trifles I made for Christmas day lunch. Delish. I've promised my Grandma I'll make her some when I go to visit, I hope she likes it!

I knocked them together based on general trifle theory - sponge soaked in sherry, jelly, fruit and custard. First I lined the glasses with Italian sponge finger biscuits and drizzled them in sherry (or apple juice for kiddies). Then I lightly cooked some blueberries and strawberries, using the juice to make a jelly with Aeroplane Jelly 'Create your own flavour'. I scooped some berries into the cup, then some jelly once it had set, and topped the glasses up with a cooled panna cotta mix. The jelly poked through the top a little, so I topped the glasses with the sliced strawberries and leftover blueberries.

Then I named them, with a really bad pun. Arrr, hope yer Christmas was jolly me hearties!


  1. Sounds yummy and the name is too cute :)

  2. yummm! i heard about that 'create your own flavour jelly' what a FAB idea!


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