Thursday, July 1, 2010

Recipe schmecipe

Well I just can't help myself, I hate following a pattern, working on someone else's design, or concentrating on a recipe beyond the general ingredients. Although I must admit that following a recipe or a pattern can give you the most excellent results! I must have the concentration span of a small highly excitable dog or something. So back to the kitchen, with strawberries and a list of ingredients for a 'basic cake'. Back to the computer to find a basic cake recipe with only one egg... then back to the kitchen with a new list... rifle through the pantry to discover flaked almonds - awesome! And we get this.

Looking good! I quatered the strawberries and covered the top of the cake mix, sprinkled the flakes almonds and some of that yummy sugar meant for putting in your coffee. A little while later and out popped this, smelling like warm strawberry jam!
Needless to say the first half was eaten before it even cooled down. I highly recommend this approach.
Now just in case you feel the urge to bake this sweetie yourself I did make a note of the ingredients. Imagine this with blueberries! YUM!

1/4 cup of butter (or butter-like substance)
1/2 cup of sugar - I don't think it matters what kind
1 tsp of vanilla essence
1 egg
1.5 cups of self raising flour
1/2 cup of milk - I ended up adding more at the end when I thought the mix wasn't fluid enough

I put all the ingredients in a bowl and used the electric beater til it was smooth, added the extra milk to get a nice dropping consistency, then into the pan lined with baking paper. Add your choice of toppings! Then bake, and sorry for the vague-ness here, but I think about 180 degrees, until it is done.

Do you like to wing it in the kitchen?


  1. oh gosh....i must totally try this! This looks like something from cake heaven....

  2. LOL I do the same thing, decide to cook something then discover I don't have all the ingredients. But improvisation often pays off, your cake looks fab! Sometimes improvisation ends in disasters, I've had plenty of those too! ;)

  3. Same here! But it's so worth it when it works!

  4. This cake looks totally awesome!


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