Sunday, May 23, 2010


I was admiring some of my semi-precious beads recently and was inspired to do something simple, with silver accents, to feature the lovely colours and finishes. I have also been thinking a great deal about bracelet fastenings, there never seems to be one easy and popular solution to the difficulty of putting on your own bracelet. This lovely bundle of stretchy bracelets were the result of my meanderings. There's something quite lovely about holding a handful of gorgeous stones!


  1. Great idea Michelle - I have small wrists so I can't buy normal bangles or bracelets. Stretchy ones are good though! Will be keeping an eye out ;)

  2. Lovely idea Michelle, really emphasises the natural beauty of the stones. In fact I am currently using a stretchy jade bracelet that I made myself as a 'breastfeeding' bracelet to remind me what side I am up to, much nicer than those plastic ones sold for that purpose.

  3. Thank you ladies! That is a good idea Erika - I was just thinking of you yesterday and wondering how you were going?


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