Monday, April 5, 2010

funny bunny

Because sometimes we all need somebunny to love!

I was bitten by the sewing bug this morning, and some green polar fleece had been crying out to be turned into a frog or martian or something. But the kidlet said bunny, so bunny he be. Please welcome the newest member of our family - Funny Bunny!

I drew him up and got to work straight away, he has felt arms and legs, felt face and tail, polar fleece body and backs of ears, and a lovely stripey fabric I've not used yet but had for ever for the front of his ears. I had some blue and green cotton yarn scraps, that were perfect for sewing on his eyes and nose. And the machine was already threaded with a pistachio green thread, which inspired all the exposed zig zag seams, a last minute addition to the design. I'm pretty happy with the little fellow - now to put him to the test of some real loving by the kidlet, I hope he doesn't lose his stuffing!


  1. He is really cute! Love the contrasting stripe ears! Well done!!

  2. He is too sweet! Love his cute litle tail.
    you are a clever thing!

  3. He's a lovely happy funny bunny! =!.!=

  4. What a sweet little bunny! Look forward to following your creative pursuits. xo

  5. And such a sweet Funny Bunny too! Love his colours and cute tail. :)

  6. he's definetely a cutie!!! great colours too!


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