Wednesday, March 10, 2010

wishlist wednesday - i love a rainy day!

I love a grey and rainswept day! It was all blustery blues and drops here and there. The beach is beautiful on days like today, with the sand like the seats in an enormous theatre and the sea and sky the play. My wishlist wednesday picks are all about celebrating the relief that a cool change brings!


  1. Love the colours of the Satin Scarf, gorgeous wish list

  2. How beautiful, each and every one!

  3. Goodness what a beautiful list!

    And thank you so much for wishing for my pencils. Hehe.

  4. MIchelle..this represents the coming of the cooler days perfectly! I can feel it just by looking at what you have picked here! Thanks for including my scarf in your wishlist!

  5. Michelle what a lovely selection! Leanne's scarf is gorgeous and I love those pencils! thanks for including my little cards

    ~ Samone


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